The Story of The Dread Pirate Bonita

This little kitten may only have one good eye, but we’re determined to make sure she gets to see all the beauty life has to offer.
The Dread Pirate Bonita was surrendered to a local vet clinic after being found by a Good Samaritan. It’s unclear what happened to Bonita, but she sustained significant injuries to her left eye and a small wound on her lower incisor. She arrived dehydrated, underweight, and needed help. The clinic reached out to Ruff Start, and she joined the rescue.
She is now in a foster home while she awaits the removal of her eye. Bonita is a sweet, cuddly talker. She loves dry kitten food and is drinking plenty of water, so hopefully, we will put some weight on this long-legged girl before her surgery. She always uses the litter box and keeps herself as clean as possible. She enjoys brushing and looking out the window at the fascinating world she lives in.
Can you help sponsor Bonita’s surgery so she can find her family? Despite her challenging past, Bonita is a true fighter, ready to seize all the wonders life has in store for her.