The Story of Keyori

‼ WARNING: very graphic photos ‼
At 5:30 pm today, Keyori would have been euthanized.
Just hours ago, 2-year-old Keyori was given this deadline after she arrived at a local shelter with severe injuries. Ruff Start is currently on a medical hold for financial reasons, but we knew we couldn’t let this be the end of Keyori’s story. Without a foster, our team picked her up from animal control, and is now with her at the emergency vet.
Earlier today, authorities received a distressing call about a domestic dog fight. These disturbing scenes played out within the confines of a home, where an older woman and an 11-year-old child struggled to cope with the escalating violence. In their valiant efforts, the officers managed to quell the aggression, but the owner, unable to afford veterinary care, had no choice but to surrender the injured dogs. Though Keyori resisted parting from the child’s side, fate directed her to the shelter’s doorstep.
Keyori, a victim in this tragic incident, has remained remarkably sweet-natured despite enduring numerous injuries. She was given pain meds earlier today while the shelter networked to get her the help she needed. Without a vet on staff to care for her, there was nothing they could do. At 5:24 pm, just 6 minutes before her deadline, a Ruff Start volunteer was at the shelter to meet her. By 5:40, she was officially a member of our rescue.
As we await updates from the vet, initial assessments indicate that Keyori will require specialized wound care, including potential stitches for her injured elbow. Regular bandage changes will be necessary, and her ears need close monitoring for any signs of hematoma. Right now, she is undergoing an evaluation, including vital checks. We will keep you updated as her condition evolves.
Keyori’s future hinges on two crucial factors: a nurturing foster home where she can recover and the financial resources to support her life-saving care. Keyori has displayed compatibility with other dogs and individuals of all ages, including seniors and children. She bore no responsibility for the traumatic incident that has forever changed her life.
Please help us help Keyori.
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