The Story of Mags

5-year-old Maggie was found abandoned in a mobile home on the Minnesota/Wisconsin border with 30 cats, surrounded by feces, garbage, and a total mess. This is no way for anyone to live, let alone someone as sweet as Mags and her companions.
These poor creatures had lived in the home with their owner for about a year before they were left to fend for themselves for weeks before being found. They were left with a couple of bags of food and some buckets of water. While the circumstances surrounding their abandonment remain unknown, we can’t help but wish their owner knew that help was available.
When Mags and the cats were found, they were brought to a local rural shelter. All of the cats were adopted, and only Mags remained. Today, she joins the Ruff Start Rescue family.
Mags has tested positive for Lyme and heartworm. She has already been treated for Lyme and may experience temporary muscle soreness while she recovers. She has started receiving her heartworm treatment, which will continue with her foster family.
After Mags visits with our veterinary team, she will be on the hunt for an adoptive or foster-to-adopt home. Due to her co-existence with felines, Maggie is great with cats. (She may even think she is one!) She’s sweet, calm, and loves people of all ages. She would love a home with some kitty friends or a calm older or male dog. At 40 pounds, this mid-sized pup already has all her basic training and is ready to meet her family.
Join us in giving Maggie a second chance at a happy, healthy life. Donate today and be a part of her incredible transformation. Together, we can make a lasting impact.