The Story of The Dumped Bunnies

Dumped in a junkyard without a second thought.
Eight rabbits were callously abandoned on a desolate property near Lakeville, Minnesota. For two long months, they found themselves trying to survive amidst the debris. Thankfully, the plight of these bunnies reached the compassionate ears of Rabbit Rescue MN, a local organization dedicated to the welfare of rabbits.
However, the rescue group faced a challenge – they did not have enough foster homes available to take in the entire rabbit family. Determined not to leave any bunny behind, they sought the help of Ruff Start.
When the rescuers arrived at the junkyard, their hearts sank. Only four rabbits remained alive, having braved the harsh conditions of their surroundings.
Ruff Start was able to welcome two of the surviving bunnies, 1-year-old Zorro and Disa, sibling Dwarf Hotots. Their journey had been fraught with challenges, and upon arrival, they required immediate attention. They were treated for fleas, and it was discovered that Zorro had an injury to his eye. Disa was suspected to be pregnant and placed on baby watch.
At first they were scared and skittish, their bodies still on high alert. After two weeks in care, both rabbits have begun to relax.
On Sunday evening, Disa’s foster family went to check on her and discovered she had not only been making a nest but it was filled with four tiny hairless babies! All are healthy, wiggly, and gaining weight. They will soon be sexed and named, followed by spay/neuter when they are old enough.
The time these six rabbits spend in Ruff Start’s care is crucial for their well-being. Please contribute today to sponsor their time in our care and the beginning of their bright futures so that we can continue to say “yes” to animals who need us.
**Ruff Start has been involved in the rescue of many dumped rabbits recently. Please reach out to a rescue organization if you are no longer able to care for your rabbits. Pet rabbits should never be released into the wild. Learn about the dangers here: