The Story of Travis

You may remember him as dog “4906”, but he’s now known as Travis around here!
Travis has settled into his foster home with ease, leaving behind the local impound and thriving in his new environment. This sweet senior boy adores people and enjoys napping, sniffing around the backyard, and getting along well with other dogs and kids. Travis has no prey drive and prioritizes safety, preferring to travel in his kennel. While he’s still working on his potty training, he’s making progress. With an adorable smile and a loving demeanor, Travis is a true sweetheart.
At this time, we’re not quite sure about Travis’s ability to see and hear. His eyes are cloudy, and one of them seems to have an indentation. He is also missing quite a few teeth. We think he could be as old as 13 or 14 years, and it’s pretty clear that he hasn’t received much care—except for getting fed—for quite a while. But you know what’s amazing? Despite whatever he’s been through, he’s got the sweetest personality you can imagine.
Travis will be visiting with our veterinary team after a case of kennel cough clears up. At that time, he will receive a neuter and a full veterinary exam to determine any medical needs. Donating to Travis’s veterinary care will help ensure that this sweet senior boy receives the necessary medical attention and treatments to improve his quality of life, allowing him to continue spreading love and happiness in his new home.