The Story of The Abandoned Bunnies

Update: All rabbits from this post have found fosters, but we have other rabbits still in need! Donations are still being accepted for their care and new fosters are always welcome!
Yesterday morning, we received an SOS message from our partners at a local impound, informing us about 20 rabbits abandoned on a lonely dirt road in Stillwater. These innocent creatures were left all alone, vulnerable and scared, without anyone to care for them. The impound isn’t set up to house small critters, let alone 20 of them. They needed rescue help as soon as possible.
Thanks to the incredible response from our compassionate community, we were able to find foster homes for 13 of the rabbits. These lucky ones have been picked up and transported by one of our dedicated volunteers, ensuring they will be safe, healthy, and well-cared for. However, our work is not done.
Sadly, 9 rabbits still remain behind, yearning for the warmth and comfort of a loving foster home. We implore you, if you have the space and means to open your heart to one of these precious creatures, please sign up to become a foster today. This is an urgent situation, and these bunnies need your help.
All of the rabbits are clean, healthy, and remarkably friendly. It is suspected that they were once cherished as house pets, only to be heartlessly discarded when their needs became overwhelming. One female gave birth yesterday, and the other females are likely pregnant, adding an additional layer of urgency to their situation.
Once in rescue, the rabbits will receive all food, supplies, and veterinary care, including spay/neuter by our veterinary team. Please donate today to help cover the cost of their care at Ruff Start. Join us in turning this tragic tale of abandonment into a story of compassion, hope, and second chances. Together, we can give these rabbits the care they deserve and prove that there is always light at the end of the tunnel for animals in need.