The Story of Travis

Update: This old boy is a Ruff Starter! Welcome to rescue, Travis
Imagine being this sweet old man, his name unknown, with no one to call his own. ?
This adorable boy was recently brought to a local shelter, and despite their best efforts, his family never came forward to claim him. It’s heart-wrenching to think that he finds himself in this situation after so many years. The shelter estimates his age to be over 10 years, and he has shown nothing but love and friendliness to everyone he meets, both humans and animals alike.
Please consider fostering this wonderful pup, allowing him to join Ruff Start Rescue. Fostering is a crucial step in providing him with a temporary home filled with comfort, care, and affection. By offering your support, you’ll be giving him the chance to experience the love and stability he so deserves in his golden years. ❤

If “4906” joins Ruff Start, he will receive a veterinary exam with our team and all routine care, possibly more if needed. Please donate to cover his expenses and those of the hundreds of local animals expected to join Ruff Start this year.