The Story of The Great Danes

Three giant souls, desperate for new beginnings.
Last weekend, Ruff Start participated in a multi-organization rescue mission in Missouri. Due to dementia, a Great Dane breeder could no longer care for his dogs and reached out for help. We were able to accept three 1.5-year-old adults, 2 females and 1 male. They arrived at Ruff Start Saturday night, and as you can see from the photos, they were all terrified. ?
Despite living their entire lives outdoors, the Danes are gentle giants. They are unsure how to be indoor dogs, and their new lifestyle is an adjustment. Two are starting to move around and get used to things, and one is still hiding in her foster home. Prior to rescue, they had never been in a house, never been in a car, and never seen people other than their breeder. With love and patience, we believe all three will make wonderful pets.
Please consider donating to cover the cost of their transport and time at Ruff Start. Due to their breed, they will consume more food, require more veterinary care, and use more supplies in general.
Welcome to rescue, Flowwer, Romen, and Ruthie. ❤️