The Story of Rocketman

Help Rocket Man join his new family!
Rocket Man is a 10-year-old bundle of energy who joined us a few months ago. Rocket’s owner had to move into hospice care and could no longer care for him, so he came to Ruff Start seeking a new home.
When Rocket entered foster care, we noticed something wasn’t right. He started having blood in his urine, and after various tests, we discovered he has painful bladder stones. Our little adventurer needs surgery to remove them, which is scheduled for this Thursday at Granite City.
On top of his bladder stones, Rocket also has a heart murmur. But don’t let these health challenges fool you! Rocket is full of life and makes every moment count. He enjoys going on walks, searching for chipmunks, and even splashing through puddles. He’s a couch-loving cuddler who sleeps at the foot of the bed every night.
We have a wonderful family waiting eagerly to welcome Rocket into their home, but we need your support to cover his medical expenses. The surgery alone will cost over $1,000, and he has already accumulated expenses from x-rays and other necessary care.
Let’s give Rocket the chance to enjoy his senior years with a loving family by his side. ?