The Story of Mini and her Puppies

This family needs our help terribly. ?
Momma and her two puppies arrived at a local impound today and are not in good shape. The puppies, despite being six months old, appear no larger than 12-week-old pups. Their tiny frames bear witness to the consequences of extreme malnutrition and an overwhelming parasite load. Tragically, their growth has been stunted, and they will not thrive as they should without proper care and attention.
These dogs would heal best in a home environment, and we are looking for fosters to take them in. They can all go separately. Because she was starved, Momma will likely be quite protective of her food. We recommend a foster home without other dogs or one that can separate the dogs for a while until she’s better. She will have a long road to recovery, with several small meals daily to increase her weight. As soon as she realizes she’s safe and doesn’t need to fight for food, she may enjoy the company of other dogs.
Please sign up to foster a member of this trio. They deserve all the love, care, and nutrition they’ve been missing.
If you are able, please consider donating to their care if they join the rescue. Ruff Start intakes hundreds of local animals annually, and every dollar raised here goes to their veterinary care, including spay/neuter, vaccinations, and any other medical needs that arise.
Thank you for opening your heart and standing alongside us in this mission to give these dogs the second chance they so desperately deserve. ❤