The Story of Miyera

“Mireya” means miracle, and that’s just what this beautiful little kitten is.
Mireya came from a colony of feral cats we are currently working on for TNR (trap, neuter, return). She was the only survivor of her litter and stayed in a heated hut with her mother until she was old enough to take into rescue without being bottle-fed.
When our volunteer went to get her, her mother had moved her, and we didn’t know where. We looked for a week and figured mother nature had taken its course. ? Finally, we noticed her mother brought her back, and we scooped her up. At six weeks old, she was shy and fearful of people.
Mireya has come out of her shell over the last couple of weeks. She’s playing, running, and eating well. She has learned to trust her foster family and enjoys indoor kitten life.
As you may notice, Mireya’s legs are splayed and weak in her back end. She’s a little more clumsy than a kitten her age should be. We suspected that she may have swimmer’s syndrome, so her foster has been taping her back legs in a specific way and giving her physical therapy exercises. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen much improvement and think it might be a congenital issue.
Today Mireya is visiting the vet for X-rays so we can get a better idea of what’s going on.
We need your help raising funds for Mireya’s X-rays and any potential treatment she may need. We don’t know what the future holds for this little miracle kitten, but we do know that we want to give her every chance possible to live a happy and healthy life.