The Story of Dodge Caravan

Imagine being incredibly pregnant, and the only safe place you could find is the gap underneath a dumpster. This was Dodge Caravan’s life just a few days ago. Her mama instincts must have kicked in, though, as the dumpster was very close to Mendakota Animal Hospital.
When she was discovered, the hospital staff realized how pregnant she was. They reached out to Ruff Start, and we quickly secured a loving foster home. When her foster arrived to pick her up, she could already tell that contractions had started. She got Dodge into the car and began their hour-long ride home. Dodge began meowing some, and then came a baby squeak. The foster stopped at a gas station to check on her, and the tiny faces of four newborns greeted her!
Three more kittens were to follow at home, and Dodge Caravan is the proud new mama of seven healthy kittens. Dodge has been very loving with her foster and a fantastic mother. She enjoys getting pets and especially loves her canned food. The babies are aptly named Chevrolet Nova, Toyota Sienna, Hyundai Sonata, Jeep Cherokee, Ford F150, Aston Martin, and Dodge Colt after their birth in a vehicle.

When the babies are older, they will all receive their vaccinations, flea treatment, and a microchip and will eventually be spayed/neutered by Ruff Start’s vetting team before finding new homes. Donate today to support this family’s time in our care.