The Story of Raven

After 10 years of routine comfort, love, and consistent meals, senior gal Raven found herself now alone in an unknown environment. She was recently brought into Ruff Start Rescue, and luckily, a loving foster quickly stepped up to bring Raven in, so she could begin a new life.
Once she was officially in rescue, she visited Ruff Start’s vetting team. Based on her condition and mannerisms, it was assumed that Raven likely lived as an outdoor dog at her previous home. The veterinarian team also noticed her eyes. Although she had hope and gratitude, they also noticed cloudiness, which later examination proved to be glaucoma. With further tests, the team also discovered a mass in her front foot, which they need to remove quickly to ensure it wouldn’t expand. The sweet gal was also dealing with a urinary tract infection, which can be quite painful if left untreated. Although Raven is losing sight and in pain, she greets every person she meets with a happy tail and a loving embrace.
Today is the day that Raven will get her fresh start. She is currently in surgery for the mass and eye removal and has already been treated for her UTI. We want to ensure the rest of Raven’s days can be pain-free, snuggled up in a warm home.
Despite her past, Raven is the happiest and bounciest older girl you’ll ever meet. She lives to please and will stay right by her humans for treats, cuddles, and loves. She gets along great with her canine foster siblings and has been learning how to be an indoor dog. When Raven’s not sitting in her space or hanging with her pack, you can find her watching the squirrels and birds out the window or keeping an eye on the neighborhood.
After being an outdoor dog, we’re looking forward to Raven finding a new home to provide her with the cushy indoor lifestyle she needs. Donate today toward Raven’s care and medical expenses so she can begin her new life. ❤️