Join Ruff Start Rescue to Celebrate Respect Your Cat Day – March 28, 2023

By: Rachel Davis

Do you have a cat in your life that needs a little *extra* respect? You’re in luck! Join Ruff Start Rescue as we celebrate Respect Your Cat Day on Tuesday, March 28, 2023.

Check out these ideas for showing your favorite feline friend some extra love:

  • If your cat enjoys petting, shower them with extra petting sessions today—but only in the right spots and at the right times! In most circumstances, cats love spending quality time with their humans (especially if your head and neck rubbing skills are top-notch!).
  • Give them a new toy that will stimulate their feline instincts: toy bird or mouse-chasing toys, catnip-infused hunting and pouncing toys, or string and feather jumping toys are perennial favorites.
  • Let them sleep! Most cats sleep 12-18 hours each day (and many sleep more than 18 hours!). That’s about 70% of their life! They are most active at dawn and dusk. Let your cat enjoy his natural instincts and rest up!
  • Know how to treat, handle, and take good care of your cat. Regular vet visits, daily (or near-daily) brushing, quality food, fresh water, access to scratching areas, and lots of love are necessities—and the ultimate shows of respect.
  • Defend your cat! As cat lovers, we know that every cat is a unique and loveable creature with one-of-a-kind qualities, but some people just aren’t “cat people.” That’s okay! But even those who don’t adore kitty companionship can learn to respect the individual worth of animal lives. So stick up for your kitties!

If you’re looking for fun and interesting reasons to respect cats, consider these fascinating facts:

  • Cats can jump up to six times their height.
  • Cats have 18 toes—five on the front and four on the back.
  • Across the world, there are 600 million to 1 billion cats living in the world today.
  • Cats can run up to 30mph. 
  • While most domestic cats live for 16-17 years, the oldest recorded living cat was 38!
  • House cats share 95.6% of their genetic makeup with tigers!
  • Cats have 32 muscles in each of their ears and can rotate their ears 180 degrees!
  • A female cat can become pregnant when she’s just 4-6 months old. Spaying or neutering your cat is the best way to help reduce cat overpopulation.
  • President Abraham Lincoln loved cats and would play with them for hours. He owned several cats during his time in the White House.
  • In Ancient Egypt, members of a family would shave their eyebrows in mourning if their cat died. Cats were also sometimes mummified and placed in tombs with their owners.
  • Although a group of kittens is more commonly called a litter, they can also be known as a “kindle” of kittens.

Throughout history, cats have given humans thousands of reasons for us to love and respect them—and they know it! Now let’s do our part and show them all the extra respect they deserve.