World Spay Day – February 28, 2023

By: Cris Raiche

World Spay Day falls on the last Tuesday in February every year. This year, World Spay Day falls on February 28, intending to bring awareness and support to the spaying or neutering of animals.

Spaying or neutering offers multiple health benefits, the most significant being extending life expectancy. It also helps animals live healthier lives by eliminating many types of cancers. It eliminates the risk of ovarian, uterine, and mammary cancers for female pets. In male pets, it removes the risk of testicular cancer and has been shown to lower the risk of prostate problems. In addition, it helps keep both shelter and stray populations down by helping to decrease animal overpopulation.

There are also multiple secondary benefits. Decreasing the number of animals born, in turn, impacts the number of strays in communities that need care and support from frequently overburdened animal rescues and shelters. It also decreases the chances of more animals being surrendered due to having too many pets to provide adequate care and support. It helps reduce your pet’s urge to roam, decreasing their risk of contracting diseases or getting hurt if they wander off.

In general, spaying or neutering is a good thing. Ruff Start Rescue provides trap/neuter/return resources for our local communities through community cat spay/neuter grants and our barn cat program. If you have or know of cats that can partake in this program, please email us at

World Spay Day is also perfect for donating to a favorite animal rescue. If Ruff Start Rescue is your favorite, we always appreciate donations. It helps us continue to offer programs and services to all the animals in our care. Please consider donating today at Ruff Start Rescue – General Support (