National Love Your Pet Day – February 20, 2023

By: Cris Raiche

National Love Your Pet Day is Monday, February 20. Pet owners love to pamper their pets, and there is an official day providing an excuse to do just that.

On February 20, bring on the extra pampering and treats! A surprise treat, an extended snuggle, or just one more belly rub may delay you from getting out the door on time, but it’s worth it. The day becomes YOUR day, too, as the love you give has a way of bouncing back to you.

Pets give love unconditionally and bring joy into our lives. On February 20, let’s take the opportunity to return the favor! There are plenty of treats or toys to purchase, but you don’t have to spend money to celebrate the day.

Low-or-no-cost activities you can do to spoil your pet include:

  • Baking homemade pet treats
  • Teaching them to play a new game
  • Giving them your time and attention

You can find many treat recipes on the web. If your pet has a special diet, check with your veterinarian to confirm your pet can safely consume the ingredients in your chosen recipe.

It’s always fun to invent a new game. Pets are like people; their minds need stimulation. They enjoy games that involve finding a toy or treat or include exercise. You can also make homemade toys; there are ideas online to make toys with things you have around the house.

Time together is what your pet craves most. Treat them to a longer walk, engage in playtime with a new game, or pamper them with a belly rub, scratch, or snuggle. All interactions create a sense of trust and love between you and your pet, strengthening your bond.

Use #NationalLoveYourPetDay to post your pet love on social media. 

National Love your Pet Day is perfect for donating supplies or financially donating to a favorite animal rescue. We hope Ruff Start Rescue is your favorite! We appreciate all donations – they help us offer ongoing services to the animals in our care.