The Story of HorseRaddish

HorseRaddish was found last week partially frozen in a snow bank, covered in excrement, and unable to move due to excruciating pain. When he was discovered, he was brought to Ruff Start by a Good Samaritan and immediately rushed to our vetting team. This poor 5-month-old kitten arrived with frostbite on both ears, tail, and scrotum. Our vetting team ran a urinalysis and discovered he had a bad UTI – likely from the feces collecting around his rear. They decided to place him on antibiotics for his UTI and to prevent infection at the frostbitten sites, dewormers and probiotics for his loose stool, and pain medication for the severe UTI/swelling of his scrotum. Our foster community quickly stepped in, and he was placed with a Ruff Start foster family to heal.
Earlier this week, HorseRaddish came back to Ruff Start for a recheck. His right ear has fallen off from the frostbite (this was expected), and his diarrhea is improving. He will soon lose his left ear and the tip of his tail. Our team is monitoring the area around his genitals to see what it will look like when the frostbitten skin falls off. It’s hard to say how deep the frostbite went and what future care will be needed. Next week our team will recheck his urine to ensure the UTI has resolved.

Despite his hardships, HorseRaddish is the cutest, sweetest, most affectionate cat there ever was! He loves pets and gently grabs your hand with his paw and pulls it to his face for cheek rubs. He loves everyone: men, women, kids, dogs (even giant ones), bunnies, and guinea pigs. He has already put on a much-needed pound of weight during his time in rescue.

HorseRaddish still has a long road to recovery, but Ruff Start and his loving foster family will be with him every step of the way. Donate today and support the care of this adorable little trooper and others like him.