February is Adopt A Rabbit Month

By: Ashlie Kuehn

February is Adopt a Rabbit Month! Rabbits are the third most common pet found in shelters and animal rescue and there are so many of all ages, shapes, and sizes looking for a loving home. If you're looking for a great companion to add to your home, consider a rabbit!

Why do rabbits make great pets?

  • As generally small animals, rabbits don’t need a ton of space to roam, so they make great pets for apartment and townhouse dwellers. As long as you have room for an appropriately sized hutch and allow them rabbit-safe areas to play and explore outside their cage, a rabbit could be a great companion for those who live in smaller places.
  • Rabbits have very distinct personalities. Much like dogs and cats, rabbits have various temperaments ranging anywhere from affectionate and outgoing to shy and more reserved. Be sure to spend some time getting to know a rabbit’s personality to see if they’d be a good fit for your home!
  • Once they get to know you, rabbits form a very close bond with their owners. They’re highly social animals who love to play and spend time with their family.
  • Rabbits are most active during dusk and dawn, which aligns well with those who work normal business hours. They’ll be ready to play and interact before and after you go to work!
  • Rabbits are highly intelligent animals who can be easily trained just like cats and dogs. They can be trained to use a litter box, do tricks, run through mazes, and even run an obstacle course! Generally, it takes just a few minutes a day and some positive reinforcement to teach them new and exciting tricks.

Why choose to adoption?

  • Adopting a rabbit means saving an animal needing help and giving them a second chance at a great life. Rescues often have various sizes, breeds, ages, and personalities to fit your lifestyle.
  • Many rabbits gifted for Easter often end up in the shelter and animal rescue each year. There are millions of rabbits needing rescue and adoption not only saves the life of that animal directly but allows another animal to be helped in their place.

Before bringing any animal into your home, it’s important to do your homework and not make the decision lightly. Here are a few things to keep in mind before deciding whether a rabbit might be the right pet for you:

  • Rabbits are a commitment. With proper care and handling, they can live for 8- 12 years or more. Be sure you are prepared for their care and maintenance long-term.
  • Rabbits need attention. They are social animals and do not do well when left alone for extended periods, often leading to boredom and depression. Giving them plenty of attention and interaction each day will keep a rabbit happy and
  • Rabbits need a lot of care. While many think of rabbits as low maintenance pets, they require quite a bit of care from ensuring a proper enclosure (outdoors, indoors, or both), safe spaces to explore, playtime, socializing, bedding, toys, and a specific diet.
  • Rabbits are naturally sensitive animals.  As a prey species, rabbits can be very nervous and attentive of their surroundings. Loud and overexcited households and those with predator animals or young children can keep a rabbit in a state of fear and stress. As a result, they often are wary of being held or handled too much.

All in all, rabbits can make amazing and wonderful companions for the right family. Adoption is a big step so if you understand the care they need and are ready to take on the responsibility, check out some amazing rabbits waiting to find their forever homes and give them a second chance at life!