The Story of Rhea

We often rescue animals that may have come from a sad past, and many times it’s difficult to determine the extent of it. As a rescue, we know that it’s our job to do everything we can to ensure their bright future.

Rhea was found abandoned outside St. Paul Animal Control (SPAC) one very cold night last week. She had splayed toes and a pee-stained coat, indicating she had most likely been living in an unsanitary crate for some time. We don’t know who left her, but we’re glad she can now receive the care she needs.

At 2 years old, this pitbull mix is only around 40 pounds and severely underweight. Rhea needs to gain 5-10 pounds to reach a healthy weight. Food may not have been readily available in her past life, as indicated by her protective nature when it comes to treats.

According to the SPAC employees, Rhea is incredibly sweet and loves to be pet and cuddled, despite her history. When receiving her vaccinations at the impound, she was friendly and unbothered, enjoying her belly rubs and the attention. Rhea passed her cat and dog tests with flying colors at the shelter. She enjoyed greeting them both with a gentle demeanor and a wagging tail.

Rhea had her freedom ride with a Ruff Start foster yesterday and is settling into her foster home. She is receiving the love and care she needs and possibly experiencing it for the first time in her life. She has been finding trust with her new people and enjoying her newfound freedom by moving about her foster home and making a Rhea-sized spot up on the couch. She was pampered with a bath and nail trim – both of which she behaved perfectly for. When it was time for bed last night, she wasn’t interested in sleeping in her crate, understandably, but did well sleeping in her new dog bed. Rhea has a lot to learn but has already made great strides in such a short amount of time.

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