The Story of Malina

WARNING: Graphic Photos

Malina was brought into rescue a week and a half ago. She had obviously been fighting to survive for quite some time. Her neck was enlarged, infected, and a source of pain.

When her rescuers discovered her, they reached out to a Ruff Start volunteer who reached out for a foster, and Malina joined the rescue. The home Malina was found in also had a male adult cat, and together they had 2 kittens. The kittens joined Ruff Start on Saturday, and the male went home with the rescuers to work on his socialization before being placed with a foster.

Malina has been incredibly loving and affectionate in her foster home. It’s amazing that she still has so much love to give, despite how poorly she has been cared for in the past. She’s starting to talk and chatter a bit, and she’s learning to play with toys! We don’t know if she was played with much before, as she was unsure of what to do with toys at first. She’s very curious and has done well with the other cats in her foster home. She will be able to interact more with them when her quarantine ends.

At this time, Malina is on antibiotics. She has a checkup with Ruff Start’s vetting team on Tuesday to see if she’s healing well enough with medicine alone or if she needs surgical repair of any of her wounds.

Malina has so much life left, and we are determined to make sure she gets the best care possible so she can live it happily. Can you please help us ensure that by making a gift toward her care?