The Story of Penny Lane

A broken bone can’t break her love for life.
Penny Lane is a high-energy, sweet puppy who has enjoyed her life – running and playing with her friends whenever she can. Unfortunately, all her leaping resulted in a broken leg. Because of limited resources, her owner tried splinting it with items around the house. A few weeks later, the leg started to heal, but it was obvious the splint did more harm than good. That’s when they decided to surrender Penny and her remaining littermates to MACC, so they could all receive proper care. Because of the obvious medical attention Penny needed, a rescue would be her only ticket out of the shelter. When a Ruff Start intake volunteer met her, she couldn’t resist her kind eyes, so she brought Penny home to foster her.

At this point, Penny’s leg has been broken for over a month. We had x-rays taken which determined the leg was broken in multiple places and had already started to heal. Our veterinary team, as well as a doctor at a referral clinic, determined that the best course of action was to amputate Penny’s leg. Although she had been using the leg, she had joint damage and couldn’t bear weight on it well. As she continues to grow, the leg would become more of an issue. So, to better her life, Penny underwent surgery last Thursday.

Penny is doing well in her foster home, and we know she’ll get used to being a tri-paw in no time at all. She’s a happy puppy who picks up new skills quickly and loves toys, treats, and playing in the snow.