The Story of Rowdy

Rowdy has lived his whole life being obedient and well-trained as an active hunting dog. When he could no longer perform his duties, he was brought to a local vet clinic to be euthanized. Luckily, the vet clinic, that we also work with, knew Rowdy deserved to live out his retirement with a family. They stepped in to ensure that by reaching out to our Ruff Start Rescue intake team. Here is where we need your help – we need a foster commitment for Rowdy.

At 8.5 years old, it is believed that he was housed outdoors his entire life, hunted, and then returned to his kennel. He has recently been vetted and neutered. He was put on joint supplements because he was sore from being kenneled with minimal activity. Now, he’s ready to join a rescue and live the life he has always deserved.

Rowdy absolutely loves humans. He hasn’t met a man, woman, or child he didn’t want to be next to. He’s a very calm and quiet boy. His hunting background has given him a fantastic nose, which is helpful for smelling out yummy treats. He may try to see what’s good on the counter if no one is looking! He has done well with cat and dog meets, but we recommend very slow introductions as we don’t know his history well. Rowdy didn’t have blankets in his old home, so he gets very excited to have them now! He will steal them to snuggle and chew. He is very responsive to commands and any type of communication.

We would love for Rowdy to join Ruff Start Rescue, and we need a foster to step up for him. His ideal foster home will be patient, promote slow intros, and give him all the love he has been missing.

We want to take this opportunity to inform you that, yes, unfortunately, there are still hunters who bring their hunting dogs in to be euthanized when they “can no longer perform their job”. This is unsettling and unnecessary, and it’s something we do see in rescue. Please know that there are other options, such as animal rescues, humane societies, and in this case, the passionate vet clinic that knew he deserved better.
We also want to add that this isn’t the majority of hunters. We know many hunters who absolutely love and adore their dogs and treat them as part of the family. These dogs sleep in the house, get all the love and attention, and they are some of the best rockstar hunting dogs out there! If you have one of these rockstar hunting dogs who are part of your family, we would love to see their pictures below and hear their story. Help educate others on the possibilities and open some eyes. You never know who may read this and decide to try and change their mentality after reading your story.