The Story of Skye

A week ago, Skye was getting ready to celebrate her first Christmas. Today she is fighting for her life.

8-week-old Skye was surrendered to Ruff Start after her canine housemate attacked her, and she suffered head trauma. She is currently receiving medical attention for her neurological status at Blue Pearl. The doctors see improvements, but she is not out of the woods yet.

Skye will need at least 24 hours at the hospital to get the care she needs. Due to the level of critical care, it will cost approximately $2,000-3,000 in the next day. Can you please help us get Skye the care she needs?

Update 12/30: Skye needs a CT to determine the extent of the injuries to her head. The vet is making sure she doesn’t have a skull fracture of a ruptured eardrum and a broken jaw. The good news is that she is starting to walk on all 4 legs and her neurological status is improving. The current estimate of her care is $4,000+. We’ll post a new photo in the comments. Thank you to everyone who has donated to Skye’s care. ❤️