Two Kittens are better than one.

bonded kitten pairs

By: Sarah Burke

Cats are often stereotyped as very solitary creatures when in fact, they are actually highly social. Cats love companionship just like humans do, whether from you or another cat.

Two cats that have a close relationship with one another means they will likely do most things together and choose to be with one another rather than alone. If you consider adopting a kitten, sometimes adopting two that already live together can be good for the kittens and you. 

They teach each other good manners and how to play nice.

Kittens are very observant and will teach each other how to use the litter box, groom, and socialize. When they play, kittens will show each other when biting hurts or play becomes too aggressive. 

They keep each other entertained.

Having two kittens means you aren’t solely responsible for keeping your energetic kitten entertained. Kittens are good play buddies and will match the energy of one another. If you have an older cat, this will make the kittens more concerned with each other than their older, less interested friend. 

They learn to like other cats. 

Cats raised alone may find it tough to meet other cats, making introducing a new cat to the family a little tricky. When you adopt a pair, they have already learned what it is like to live with another cat, so they will be more open to sharing their home and you. 

They always have a friend. 

When you can’t be around, the kittens will always have each other to play, eat, and snuggle with. You don’t have to worry about loneliness if you go out and about for the day or take a short trip. 

Two kittens might mean twice as much food and litter box cleanup. But it also means more stimulation, growth, and companionship for your furry friends. And twice as many cute pictures! Though adopting two kittens isn’t for everyone, see if your home is the right fit for two adorable feline best friends.