The Story of Baby Girl

The story of baby girl

We love a feel-good story, especially before the holidays. Get your tissues ready for this one!

From a Ruff Start volunteer:
“We had the privilege of bringing a dog down with us to meet her mom in Dallas. Baby Girl’s mom moved to Texas on November 20th. She’s a senior and couldn’t afford the bus fare to bring her dog down with her. Her children up here didn’t want Baby Girl. A plea went out, and multiple people stepped up to care for Baby Girl until we brought her with us to Texas. Baby Girl is a senior herself. I can’t imagine what the past month, let alone few days, have been like for her.

Sara and I loved on her like crazy the last few days. She finally came out of her shell and was a spunky little monkey. I think maybe she understood me every time I told her that we were going to see her momma. Watching their reunion was a beautiful reminder of why we do this. The last week has been full of volunteer work with the rescue, but this, this filled my cup to the point that it overflowed through big crocodile tears. It was hard not to cry. Baby Girl and her mom were both crying as they embraced and held each other. I’ve never actually seen a dog cry, and Baby Girl had tears running down her cheeks. She also barked at us gently multiple times as they pulled away. Tomorrow we will bum around Houston and head home on Friday morning with 34 dogs … Just in time for Christmas. ❤️

Although we can’t transport dogs often because of the logistics involved, we are happy that we were able to play a part in this reunion. We wish Baby Girl and her mom a happy life in Texas!