12 Strays of Christmas – Day 7

good girl
A junkyard is a place where people dump unwanted items and garbage. It is not meant to be a place that a dog mama raises her babies. But, unfortunately, that was the reality for this little lady and her family.
Recently, a Good Samaritan spotted this gal (now renamed to Good Girl), her mom, and her sibling roaming around a local junkyard, searching desperately for food and shelter. They reached out to Ruff Start Rescue in hopes of getting assistance, so these pups don’t have to fight to survive this winter in the wicked temperatures.
That’s where you come in. Since Ruff Start relies solely on foster homes to take in more animals in need, we need someone to foster this sweet, shy girl, until she finds her forever home.
Good Girl is a bit shy but warms up quickly. She’s around 6 months old, weighs 30 pounds, and would benefit from another dog in the household to show her the ropes and improve her confidence. Once she joins the rescue, she’ll receive routine veterinary care from RSR’s vetting team and will be spayed before she’s adopted.
Donate to help with expenses related to Good Girl’s vetting and care. Ruff Start Rescue has welcomed over 415 animals from local Minnesota impounds and shelters in 2022.