12 Strays of Christmas – Day 5

day 5 – puppy 4345
This little guy was found wandering around the northwest metro. He had no identification, so he has been briefly assigned the name “Puppy 4345”. He was picked up by PUPS to wait out his stay until someone came back for him. Unfortunately, time passed, and no one came. Now we are asking for your help! We don’t want this sweet boy to spend his first holiday season alone. Would you be willing to give him a warm home, loving attention, and even a name to fit his personality? Will you consider fostering him?
He is around 5 months old, weighs 20 pounds, and is ALL puppy. He will need lots of love, cuddles, and playtime – as well as a foster who is prepared for his puppy energy! His care will include plenty of exercise.
“Puppy 4345” can join Ruff Start if we find him a foster home. After he enters foster care, he’ll receive all of his veterinary care through Ruff Start’s vet team and then will be made available for adoption. Please consider donating to help with the expenses of his care and that of the other 400+ animals Ruff Start pulls from local MN impounds annually.