Thanksgiving Pet Safety

thanksgiving pet safety tips.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving today, let’s remember to be extra thankful for the furry friends who make our lives better. Here are a few helpful tips to show your pets they are loved during Turkey Day that isn’t slipping them a piece of that pumpkin pie.

Keep the feasting to the humans – unless it’s a treat made just for pets

You might be tempted to give your pet a little bite of the delicious food you have prepared, but more often than not, it’s best to stick to regular pet treats. Avoid giving your pets sugary treats, raw eggs, or raw bread dough, as this will likely lead to a sick pet. Foods to especially avoid are onions, raisins, and chocolate.

Make sure your dog doesn’t say bone-appétit to the turkey.

Though a little bit of boneless, fully-cooked turkey won’t hurt your dog, be sure to keep them away from the turkey carcass and any bones left behind after dinner. The bones can mess with your pet’s digestive tract and cause them much pain.

Keep the trash out of reach of curious noses.

After you eat, immediately clean up all the leftover food and trash. Even the best pets may be tempted to dig into the garbage due to all the yummy smells of Thanksgiving Day. Especially check to ensure you have cleaned up the bones from meat and any raw baking ingredients.

Make sure your pet is equipped for any parties you are hosting.

If your pet gets nervous around people or loud noises, keep them somewhere they feel safe with a favorite toy. Make sure they are somewhere away from doors leading outside, as the increase in stressors might make them bolt.

If you are traveling, take some precautions.

Whether or not your pet is coming with you for the celebration, there are steps you can take to ensure they are safe. If your pet is joining you, make sure you have a plan to get them there safely. Animals joining a car trip should never be left alone in the car and should always have some restraint or harness to make sure they are safe in the case of an accident. Talk with your veterinarian if you are taking your pet on a flight, as each animal will have different needs. If your pet stays behind, make sure you have arranged for folks they trust to check on them and have comfort items nearby.

You know your pet best, which means you know what they need to be safe and feel loved. As you gather around your family and friends today, give your special animal a little extra love and thanks by using these tips and precautions.