The Story of Lade

We Asked. You Answered. By doing so, we saved a mama and her puppies.

Last month, we pleaded with our community for help. We saw a sweet, very pregnant mama that needed help. She didn’t have a home and needed to be taken into a foster home so she could live happily and safely deliver her babies.


Fortunately, you answered our plea. With the effort of our expansive community, Lade arrived at Ruff Start shortly after we found her a safe space, only to give birth to her eleven puppies less than 12 hours later!

Despite the comforts of her foster home, taking care of eleven newborn puppies was no easy task, and it quickly took a toll on Lade’s body. A day after giving birth, her foster mom became concerned when she noted Lade was shaking, panting, and refusing to eat. She was also suffering from diarrhea and seemed lethargic.

Thankfully, her foster was able to rush her to the vet, where medical professionals determined this young mama was very dehydrated and experiencing the effects of calcium deficiency. They advised her to take supplements and give her fluids to regain her strength.

Sadly, as it happens more often than rescuers would like, four of Lade’s puppies did not survive due to health abnormalities beyond her – and our – control. Lade’s foster family is understandably devastated to have lost such young babies, but also incredibly grateful that Lade was the best mama she could be and that they were all given the best chance possible at a normal, loving life. This tragedy hasn’t stopped Lade from being the best mama to her other seven puppies, who are healthy, happy, and growing daily.

Rescue is ever-changing, and it’s impossible to predict every animal’s medical needs. We are so happy to have Lade and her babies with us at RSR, and we will continue to update you all on their journey!

Tune in on Thursday, November 17th (Give To The Max Day) to join us live on Facebook to see Lade and her puppies in their new foster home!

We are incredibly grateful for our community of fosters, volunteers, and supporters at Ruff Start Rescue. We are so proud of the impact this passionate group of animal advocates has made this year. Without your support, Lade and her puppies would not be where they are now. Thank you for making this life-saving work possible through good times and bad.

If you’re in a position to give, would you consider supporting our Animal Care Fund for Give to the Max Day? We anticipate our direct vetting expense to exceed $820,000 this year for the 3,400+ animals we are projecting will come into our care this year.