The Story of Cooper – A Reunion

the story of cooper – a reunion
The holidays will look a lot different for these rescue pups this year!
The first photo shows Cooper, Trixi, and Bruno living in a dump on Christmas Eve 2021. Through collaborative efforts, all three were rescued and adopted through different organizations. We recently posted an update on RSR alum Cooper (lab mix), and everyone asked, “what happened to the two other dogs?” Cooper’s adoptive family tracked down Trixi and Bruno and they all reunited last weekend. Rescue doesn’t get much sweeter. ❤
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Unfortunately, there was nothing we could do to correct the old fractures, but we kept Isley comfortable with pain and arthritis medication. We also treated her for periodontal disease and removed her four diseased and painful canines through a dental procedure. We knew she had a long road to recovery and was placed in a loving foster home, which happened to be one of the technicians on our veterinary team. Her foster did what every foster hopes to do: provide Isley with what she needed to be happy and healthy again. Her foster knew improving her overall well-being would take some time; with her injuries and understandable fear of the unknown, patience and love would be the only thing that gave Isley a chance to know the caring touch of a human. Luckily, it didn’t take long for her foster parents to realize Isley was meant to be a part of their family so they could work with her forever! They quickly filled out an adoption application for the little gal, giving Isley a fresh, permanent start. It was time for her new beginning!

Over the last year, Isley has blossomed into an outgoing and playful cat who enjoys carrying around her toys and snuggling with her adoptive family. They have been able to celebrate many milestones together and even cross a few things off the bucket list that you all helped us create for her last year!