Hungry kittens need help!

hungry kittens need help!

By: Cris Raiche

With nearly 200 kittens in our rescue, Ruff Start Rescue needs help keeping enough kitten food in supply for hungry little bellies. Our food shelves are struggling to keep up with the increasing demand for wet kitten food for our foster homes. While the demand is more immediate for wet kitten food, any donations of kitten food, wet or dry kibble, or a money gift will help.

Are there really more kittens this year?

Yes. Cat overpopulation in Minnesota has increased exponentially in the past few years and animal rescues, animal controls, and animal shelters have reported higher than average numbers of kittens, and pregnant and nursing mama cats. Ruff Start Rescue helps homeless and stray cats and kittens by providing care, food, supplies, vetting, fostering, and adoption. Our current need is the greatest right now for wet kitten food, can you help?


How much food does a kitten need?

Kittens are initially dependent upon their mother for their nourishment, or kitten formula may be substituted if found abandoned during their first weeks of life. By three-to-four weeks old, kittens can begin eating wet food or moistened dry kibble. Between six-to-eight weeks, kittens are fully weaned and eat wet or dry food fully. This period of time where the kitten is experiencing rapid growth heightens the need for good nutrition. While the amount of food is determined by the kitten’s weight, kittens need more calories than adult cats because they are growing rapidly and have high nutritional needs. Kittens have different requirements for calcium and other minerals. Pregnant and nursing cats need more food than regular adult cats too because there are carrying and caring for their babies.


Wet food or dry food, which is better?

While all food is good, many veterinarians recommend wet food for kittens for a few reasons. Cats are carnivores and since dry kibble contains more carbohydrates than wet food, wet food may feel more satisfying to them and they may digest it better. Wet food also helps those kittens who are not big water drinkers yet stay hydrated by naturally providing more water in their diet, which in turn supports better overall health for the growing kitten.


Want to donate to our cause?

Can you donate wet kitten food or give a money gift to help? Just one case makes a big difference in a young kitten’s life and starts them off with a good nutritional foundation. Food can be delivered to Ruff Start Rescue through Amazon or any other pet food store to our address:

Ruff Start Rescue

12526 319th Ave
Princeton, MN 55371

(763) 355-3981

Money donations can be sent by clicking here: Ruff Start Rescue – General Support (

We appreciate all donations from our generous animal lover donors to keep our programs running and all the animals in our care supported, loved and well cared for until we are able to find them a loving forever home.

Interested in fostering or adopting a furry companion, please contact Ruff Start Rescue at: Adopt – Ruff Start Rescue.