Keep your pets safe this Halloween

Halloween + pets

By: Sarah Burke

Halloween is meant to be a spooky night, but it shouldn’t be scary for our pets. Costumes, candles, and candy are just a few of the dangers your pet can face while you are celebrating. As you finish carving the pumpkins, take a look at these tips to make sure your pet will get more treats than tricks.

Keep your pet in a separate room or area until trick-or-treaters stop arriving

Halloween is the second most common holiday pets will get lost. Your pet may get a little spooked by the unfamiliar smells of new people and lots of noise. The constant opening and closing of doors makes it easier for your pet to run off without you knowing.  If your pet can’t be in a separate space, make sure your animal is chipped or has identification tags in case they get lost.

Keep candy and sweets out of reach

It wouldn’t be Halloween without the candy, but unfortunately, our furry friends need to miss out on the sweets. Chocolate is especially toxic for cats and dogs, but other foods, like raisins, will send your pet to the vet fast. Even the candy wrappers are choking hazards and could lead to digestive issues for your pet. It’s best to leave all the candy eating to yourself (oh no!) and keep any traces out of sight of your animal.

Make sure your pet’s costumes fit correctly – or skip them altogether

There’s almost nothing cuter than an animal in a tiny costume, but for pet owners, our #1 priority is to make sure our animals are safe and comfortable. When you put the costume on your pet, be sure to make sure it is not restricting their breathing or ability to make noise. If you notice any signs of stress, such as excessive panting or yawning, it may be best to snap the photo and take the costume off your pet. As cute as your chihuahua looks in that witch costume, let’s leave the dressing up to the humans.

Be aware of decorations that might look extra tasty or fun 

Before you head out the door, scan your area for any items that could be a danger to your pet. Fun decorations like rubber eyeballs and skulls could be choking hazards and things like rotting pumpkins and fake blood can cause serious infections if ingested. Lit candles or hanging lights could be dangerous for pets that like to knock things over. You know your pet best, so make a judgment call as to what decorations to avoid.

Visit the Ruff Start Halloween Paw-ty on October 29th from 1-4pm

Bring your furry friend to Forgotten Star Brewing Co. in Fridley to show off their adorable costume or to mingle with other pet owners. There will be a dog costume contest with prizes for the top three pups. It will be a great way to celebrate that is fun for you and your dog. 

The most important thing is that your animal is safe and happy on Halloween night. However you choose to spend it, follow some of these tips so the only thing you have to worry about is deciding which costume to wear.

Happy Howl-oween!