National Pit Bull Awareness Month

National pit bull awareness month

By: Ashlie Kuehn

October is National Pit Bull Awareness Month! This month-long celebration aims to shatter stereotypes and change the negative perception of pit bulls. We hear a lot of talk about pit bulls, but what are they exactly? Many think that pit Bull refers to one specific type of dog, but it is actually an umbrella term describing a wide group of different breeds. Some examples of pit bulls are the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bull Terrier, and American Bulldogs. Unfortunately, bully breeds like these often face large amounts of negative press leading to increased fear and misconceptions about them.
What are some common myths about pit bulls?

MYTH: Pit bulls have locking jaws.

A commonly spread myth is that pit bulls have locking jaws that clamp down and won’t let go when they bite into something. In reality, pit bulls do not have the ability to lock their jaw and their bite strength is similar to other large breeds like German Shepherds
or Huskies.

MYTH: Pit bulls are vicious and mean.

Pit bulls are feared by many who associate them with dog fighting and aggression. While some were historically bred for fighting, others were bred for work and companionship. Like most dogs, pit bulls have a wide range of personalities and are often sweet, gentle, and incredibly loyal animals. With proper care and training, they can make fantastic family pets.

MYTH: Pit bulls are unsafe to have around children.

Another common myth is that pit bulls see small children as prey and therefore would not make an ideal family-friendly dog. However, it is often noted that they have a gentle and affectionate nature that makes them a wonderful companion for families. As with any dog, proper training is crucial, and it is important to teach children how to interact with animals under close supervision.

How can we change the perception surrounding pit bulls?

Educate others:

Have factual information ready to share with others next time you overhear a negative stereotype about pit bulls. Share your resources with others or post on social media to spread positivity!

Consider fostering or adopting:

Unfortunately, pit bulls make up a majority of dogs in shelters and rescues. If you have the resources, consider fostering or adopting today!

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If fostering or adopting isn’t an option, try volunteering at a local rescue! You can donate your time or resources to help dogs in your area. 

Despite the negativity in society facing pit bulls, they are some of the sweetest, most loyal, and fun-loving breeds and make excellent companions. Whether you are an owner or and advocate, take some time this month to celebrate all the wonderful things about pit bulls and spread some love and positivity!

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