Culvert Cal – Right turn to Ruff Start

Meet Culvert Cat –

This little guy took the right turn at the right time, into the hands of a determined Ruff Start team to help him into rescue.
Our office manager, Cassie, was driving near our office and saw a kitten running down the road. She stopped the van and put out an S.O.S. for all available staff to help capture it. The kitten was scared and took off into the woods.
After looking for several minutes, someone driving by stopped to ask what was happening, and they explained the situation. The driver drove on to the end of the block and stopped at the intersection, and then shouted, “It’s over here!” pointing into a thicket of bush.
They ran over and heard a tiny “meow.” Cassie decided that the kitten might have hidden in a culvert and climbed into the creekbed to check. She saw that the kitten had run almost halfway down the culvert before it hit standing water, curled into a ball midway in the water, terrified. In case the kitten ran the other way, the other RSRers ran across the road to the other side of the culvert. Cassie got on her stomach and army-crawled toward the kitten until she could finally reach him. She turned around in the tunnel, holding the kitten in front of her with one hand, and crawled back out.
They brought the kitten straight to our fantastic vetting team. They gave him the full range of care he needed. He was estimated to be about 8 weeks old, underweight, dehydrated, and had puncture wounds on his side. Presumably, he was bitten by some creature and managed to get away. We don’t know how long this little guy was outside alone, but we knew we had found him just in time. He was appropriately named Culvert Cal!
Cal is in foster and has turned out to be the sweetest. He purrs, cuddles, makes biscuits, uses his litter box like a pro and loves mealtime. Once he gains some weight, he will be available for adoption.
There is never a dull moment in the rescue world or a moment without a new soul to take care of. If it is within your means, please consider donating to our Animal Care Fund to help Culvert Cal and others like him!
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