The Story of Betty Bea

Meet Betty Bea.
This sweet, small dog is suffering from a fixable issue – a luxating patella. Also known as a trick knee, this is a condition in which the patella dislocates out of its normal location. This can cause severe pain and can eventually lead to a dog becoming “bow-legged,” resulting in chronic pain.
Luckily, Betty Bea has found herself in the hands of some very talented veterinarians, who were able to assess her situation and schedule surgery with one of our partner clinics. This surgery will be the first step to a pain-free life for this lovable pup!
After surgery, we know a standard healing regimen for luxating patella correction includes follow-up medication, physical therapy, and lots of love. We also know that Betty Bea will live a much happier life with this surgery. Would you be willing to make a donation today to help this deserving dog live her very best life?
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