The Story of Paisley

meet paisley.
Paisley has been through a lot in the short 14 weeks she’s been around. Luckily, she has her soft lamb stuffed animal, a caring foster, and a hardworking veterinary team to help her out.
Paisley was recently taken into the foster program at Ruff Start Rescue. Her foster quickly noticed that her back leg was not functioning properly and brought her into the Ruff Start office to get her examined. They did an x-ray and determined that Paisley had broken her femur at some point before entering foster care. Unfortunately, with the severity of the break, the Ruff Start vet determined that it would be better to amputate her leg than to have her suffer through the painful recovery – which would likely result in other issues as she grows. She is currently in the office after a post-surgery visit and slowly recovering and getting the rest she needs with her little lamby by her side.
Paisley will be available for adoption, most likely with her brother Chase, once her incision is fully healed!
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