The Story of Lyndale

meet lyndale.
Three days on the run and a McDouble. That’s how Lyndale’s Ruff Start story began.
For three days, many people saw the super sweet 18-month-old American Pit Bull Terrier running around North Minneapolis. There were numerous unsuccessful attempts to catch her. So, when a Ruff Start foster initially saw the post about the stray spotted in someone’s yard, she knew she’d have to act fast and figure out a unique way to lure the dog in. Then, she saw the golden arches.
Armed with a McDouble and McNugget in hand, the dog allowed her soon-to-be foster mom to leash her. Lyndale (or Linny, as she’s now called) was safe.
After Linny was caught, she was brought to Minneapolis Animal Care and Control to fulfill the city’s mandated stray hold. While there, staff realized that Lyndale had difficulty standing and walking on her hind legs steadily. Luckily, her x-rays looked clear. But, if her wobbles don’t subside after some kennel rest, Ruff Start is anticipating more incurring tests and expenses to examine her neurological issues. If it’s within your means, please donate to our Animal Care Fund today to help animals just like Lyndale get the care they need.
For now, she is kennel resting comfortably in her foster home, waiting for the day she can run and play with a loving family to call her own! Her foster mom said she loves mealtime, food puzzles, new human friends, and short walks filled with sniff sessions.
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