The Story of Countess Bella

meet countess bella.

This adorable little 7-year-old Yorkie came into Ruff Start’s care a couple weeks ago after her owner sadly passed away. We knew at the time that Countess Bella (Bella for short) was diabetic but after coming into rescue, we discovered a whole host of other ailments including ear infection, bladder infection, dry eyes, and high kidney values which indicates potential kidney disease.

Ruff Start’s vetting team immediately put Bella on antibiotics for her ear and bladder infections and ran other diagnostic tests to determine the extent of Bella’s kidney issues. In addition to the medications for her various infections, Bella also gets two insulin shots a day to keep her diabetes in check and eye drops for her dry eye diagnosis. Both the insulin and eye drops will be part of Bella’s routine for the rest of her life in addition to special prescription food to help control her diabetes.

We think you’ll agree with us that Bella is worth all of the special treatment. If you would like to help offset some of the ongoing costs associated with medications and testing that Bella is receiving, please consider donating to our Animal Care Fund. Hopefully Bella will find her very own family soon that will be able to give her all the love in the world.

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