The Story of Edmund

Meet edmund.
That was the feeling Edmund’s breeder had towards this puppy. All because he was born blind. But we knew he was special and so did his adopter.

In mid-March, 3-month-old Edmund arrived at Ruff Start from one of our reservation partners in South Dakota. He was released from a breeder because Edmund was born blind and was unwanted because he wasn’t ‘perfect’. Once in Ruff Start’s care, Edmund went through our normal vetting process which includes getting neutered and receiving age-appropriate vaccines. During his neuter surgery, our staff veterinarian also removed his eyes as a preventative measure to ensure he wouldn’t have issues with them later in life. His foster said that Edmund went right back to being his goofy, adorable self after his surgeries.

The foster’s brother and fiance fell in love with Edmund immediately and added him to their pack. He joins Ruff Start Rescue cat Burt, who was adopted after recovering from being shot with a bb-gun (and also had to have eye surgery).
Edmund is thriving because he was given a second chance. As an animal rescue, this is what Ruff Start does day after day. We may not be able to share every story of the 3,000+ animals that come through our doors every year, but we want you to know that when you support Ruff Start, you make it possible for us to change the lives of animals just like Edmund (and Burt) for the better. Any donation, no matter the size, truly makes a difference. Please consider joining us in saving animals just like Edmund by supporting the Animal Care Fund at Ruff Start Rescue.
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