The Story of Gage & Club

Meet gage & club.
When it rains, it pours. These dogs need your help.
Gage is getting emergency surgery, and Club’s chronic illness progressed to a breaking point on the same day.
Gage loves a good meal and a round of fetch. When he couldn’t keep his food down or have the energy for one of his favorite games, his foster became worried. Not even a car ride could get him out of his slump. Since this behavior was so unusual and lined up with a concerning medical condition, we sent Gage to the emergency clinic.
There he received fluids, was monitored, and had several x-rays. The imaging revealed a foreign body in his intestines. We hoped he could successfully pass whatever he ingested, but his last x-ray showed that it wouldn’t budge.
He is undergoing a foreign body procedure right now.
Since Club arrived at Ruff Start last October, he’s had chronic vomiting. Every diagnostic test we’ve run, medication we’ve tried, and diet we’ve changed, haven’t helped this poor pup find relief. Club hasn’t even made it to his 1st birthday yet. We hate to see his formative months that should be filled with joy be bogged down by this discomfort.
Yesterday, Club had a specialty consult with our friends at a BluePearl Specialty and Emergency Pet Hospital. The next step for Club is to undergo an ultrasound and GI endoscopy. We hope we get the answers we need to successfully treat Club so he can start fully enjoying his life.
We try our best to budget for the medical needs of the thousands of animals we save every year, but emergencies and unknowns happen, and these two precious pups deserve the best possible care we can get them. Gage and Club’s surgeries alone will tentatively cost $5,000-$10,000. If you have the means, please consider donating to Ruff Start Rescue’s Animal Care Fund to help offset the medical costs for animals like Gage and Club.
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