The Story of Shandiin

meet shandiin.
Shandiin is likely in a home for the very first time in her life. ⁠
Shandiin has spent the past few months living near a landfill with a collar deeply embedded in her neck. Because she was cautious of new people, our rescue partner set up a live trap to bring her in. We’re not sure how she survived this bitterly cold winter while nearly suffocating, but we’re so happy she’s in our care now.⁠
Shandiin was in a lot of pain when she arrived, but with pain meds, antibiotics, soft blankets, and lots of love from her foster, she’s feeling like a brand new dog. ⁠
Yesterday, our vetting team cleaned Shandiin’s neck wound and spayed her. All she needs now is a little more time to recover and then she’ll be ready to find a loving family of her very own. ⁠
Animals like Shadiin can get the care they need thanks to the kind folks that donate to our Animal Care Fund. This year has been incredibly challenging for lots of us, including companion animals.⁠
If you have the means, please consider donating to Ruff Start Rescue’s Animal Care Fund to help offset the medical costs for animals like Shandiin.⁠
The sooner we can get animals treated, the sooner they can be adopted, which means we can rescue more animals that need us most.⁠ ?
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