Trapped in a crate while the winter temperature continued to drop, Rosabella didn’t have much time left. She wrapped herself as tight as she could to repel the frigid weather seeping through the wire kennel, but her emaciated body could only do so much to protect her. It’s nothing short of a miracle that a Ruff Start foster happened to be driving through the alley and noticed her. Now, Rosabella is in a safe, warm, and loving foster home.

Rosabella laying in a tight circle in a wire kennel outside
an overview picture of Rosabella that shows her malnourished body

After her arrival into our care, a medical exam revealed signs of neglect throughout Rosabella’s body. She has sores and splayed feet that suggest she’s been in a kennel for the majority of her life. And she’s only 19 pounds when she should weigh at least 45 pounds. Besides the terrible circumstances Rosabella endured, she is so loving and beyond resilient. It will take a while to safely bring her weight up to where it should be, but we are comforted knowing she has a whole community cheering her on.

Rosabella standing

Rosabella is quickly putting back on the weight she needs in her foster home. She’s also starting to play and show her endearing personality. Thanks to your support, Rosabella is well on her way to recovery and a loving forever home.

You can help Rosabella and other animals like her by donating to our Animal Care Fund.