Kitten Pack Sponsorships

Kitten season is quickly approaching! We have a handful of pregnant cats in the Rescue while orphaned kittens are started to enter through our doors. We can never seem to keep kitten supplies on the shelf and could really use your help to make sure our kittens have what they need to thrive, and the easiest way to help is by sponsoring a kitten pack!

Kitten packs include everything a growing kitten needs: wet and dry kitten food, non-clumping litter, milk replacement, and toys. You can sponsor a kitten pack for $50 and know that your donation will ensure one kitten will have everything they need!

You can also order kitten items from our Amazon or Chewy wish lists. The highest priority needs are wet and dry kitten food.

Thank you for helping the youngest of our cuties start their lives off on the right paw!

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