The seven-month-old pup couldn’t open her mouth more than an inch, making eating, drinking, and playing nearly impossible. We’re not sure how long she experienced this discomfort, and the cause is unknown, but it’s likely a miracle she’s made it this far. Rainy needed jaw surgery as soon as possible to improve her quality of life.

Thankfully, we knew who to call.

The procedure is complicated and requires special care, but Dr. Jackson, with BluePearl, is a pro, which eased our worries. He removed part of her mandible and zygomatic arch, less than what he was expecting to do. Rainy stayed the night at the clinic to make sure all was well before she returned home.

Can you imagine the relief she felt opening her jaw all the way and smiling for the very first time?

Rainy followed a strict physical therapy regimen post-op to avoid any complications, although Rainy’s body seems entirely made of Energizer bunnies. Keeping her still was a challenge, but otherwise, she recovered well and is ready to live her life to the fullest.

Rainy smiling in her e-collar

Every day, Ruff Start changes the lives of animals like Rainy. A dog who may not have lived much longer had her condition not been treated. We need your help to continue this life-saving work. This Thursday, November 19, we’re fundraising for Give to the Max Day with a goal of $100,000! We hope you’ll join us and help us reach our goal.

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