Kobe’s Journey

Kobe’s situation left us speechless.

Quills infected his mouth, causing his neck to swell. At the same time, months of neglect made Kobe critically underweight and unloved.

He was saved just in time.

Before Kobe could enter the Rescue, he needed a few days to gain strength as vital medication and fluids worked into his system. He was at least 20 pounds underweight and barely hanging on as porcupine quills migrated further into his body. His vision blurred, but his will to live didn’t.

Thankfully, Kobe could make the hours-long trip to Ruff Start within a few days of being rescued.

Kobe ribcage

Who knows when the last time is that Kobe felt safe and loved?

Kobe eye injury

Kobe immediately dragged his aching bones onto one of the many beds his foster family provided for him his first night there. He could finally rest, and indoors no less. Kobe needed months to heal, physically and emotionally. The Ruff Start community was ready to do whatever it takes to get him the care and support he needed.

Shortly after Kobe settled into his foster home, he underwent surgery to remove the embedded quills and infection from his face, and that was just the beginning. His foster family needed to follow a strict feeding schedule for him to safely gain weight while Ruff Start’s medical team watched him diligently to ensure that migrating quills didn’t damage his eyes.

Kobe made significant progress in his foster home. The surgery and medication worked very well, and he recovered in record time. Kobe gained over 20 pounds toward the end of his recovery.