Ruff Start Rescue Transport Ride Along: October 24

RSR Transport Crew

Did you know Ruff Start Rescue saves thousands of animals locally AND nationally? We transport companion animals from partner shelters and rescues across Minnesota and the United States to Ruff Start YEAR ROUND!

During the week of October 24, two staff members headed to Texas to bring 30 lucky pups back home to Minnesota. These animals often come from dire situations where we are their last chance. Doing this life-saving work is at the heart of Ruff Start Rescue’s mission.

We post real-time transport updates on our Facebook and Instagram, so be sure to follow us and “Ride along” with Ruff Start!

Kennels are set up the night before heading back to Minnesota.
Kennels are set up the night before heading back to Minnesota.

Meet 1 of 30 dogs saved: Yeti

Imagine driving down a familiar stretch of highway. The sun is bright, and there isn’t a lot of traffic. You zone out a little bit, listening to a familiar song on the radio. You take a moment in disbelief seeing a chunky plastic box shoved out of a car window in front of you. You hesitate, but you stop to see what it is. The car it came from is nowhere in sight now. Something felt off.

Wait, there’s noise coming from inside?

You carefully open the lid. Inside, a cowering and emaciated dog looks up at you.

This dog starts kissing you while his tail wags uncontrollably. Someone discarded him like trash, and he’s excited to see you? His skin feels dry and loose. He’s dehydrated. You’re not sure when his last meal was either.

What’s next for this newly named dog, Yeti?

With a bit of luck and a kind stranger’s help, Yeti came home to Minnesota with 29 other dogs Saturday, October 24. As soon as he made it to Ruff Start Rescue, he was instantly pampered and had some glamour shots taken. Now Yeti’s with his foster-to-adopt family. Click here to learn more about Ruff Start’s foster-to-adopt program.

Yeti in the cooler
Yeti photoshoot
Yeti photoshoot
Yeti photoshoot

Meet 1 of 30 dogs saved: Boss


Boss’s former owner tied him up outside for months. Boss had nothing except the elements and a deceased former friend lying next to him. As Hurricane Laura approached, Boss’s future became even more uncertain.

Thankfully, a Louisiana animal control officer seized Boss before the devastating hurricane hit. Now, he just needed a place to go.

With the devastation of a natural disaster and the already overwhelming homeless pet population in the South, Boss’s best chance at happiness is hitching a ride north to a family in Minnesota.

Now Boss is living his best life with his forever family in Minnesota!

Meet a litter of puppies saved

A few weeks ago, four worn paws sought solace in someone’s backyard. The mama dog hoped her big belly wouldn’t give her away. It’s been a long time since she’s met someone kind. With puppies in tow, she didn’t have much left to survive on. The scraps she found barely soothed the pang of hunger in her belly.

Thankfully, this mama dog found the right yard. The homeowner discovered her trying to rest, and they took her in. They spent weeks looking for her family, unknowing that she didn’t belong to anyone.

She was theirs now.

By that time, the mama dog gave birth to eight puppies. Unfortunately, as the puppies turned four weeks old, the mama dog couldn’t care for them anymore. Her body was exhausted and the puppies couldn’t hang on much longer.

Thankfully, Ruff Start Rescue knows some expert bottle feeders in Texas. One volunteer took all eight puppies, feeding them milk replacer every few hours for several days. These puppies wouldn’t have survived without their help.

Now, all of the puppies are happy, healthy, and triple their original size. Their mama is staying with her finder and getting spayed and vaccinated. Otherwise, she would have joined the other animals finding homes up north.

Rescued puppy
Rescued puppy
Rescued puppy
Rescued puppy
Rescued puppy
Rescued puppy
Rescued puppy
Rescued puppy

Watch the animals arrive at the Rescue

After arriving, each animal gets food, water, and outside breaks while waiting for additional vetting and pictures. After those boxes are checked, the animals go home with their fosters to rest after their long journey to the Rescue.

Dog photoshoot
Puppy in a basket

Transports are possible because of your support

Dog posing for the camera

We can do whatever it takes to save these animals thanks to your unwavering support. The need is endless, and we’re here to help! If it’s within your means, please help us continue this effort.

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