Ruff Start Rescue Transport Ride Along: October 10

Ruff Start Rescue is inviting you to ‘Ride Along’ with us as we transport companion animals from partner shelters and rescues across Minnesota and the United States to Ruff Start through the end of the year. We want you to be able to see our mission in action and give you a sneak peek into the world of rescue.

Over the next three months we’re going to share with you the who, what, where, when, how, and most importantly WHY we do transports.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram to get real-time updates! Each transport will also have their own blog page on our website so if you don’t do social media, you can still follow along!

Before you check out the details of our transport happening this week, we have some exciting news to share with you: after months of fundraising and shopping around, Ruff Start FINALLY has our very own transport van (crying so many happy tears)!

Thank you to everyone who donated toward our new van! We’re so excited to get all the bells and whistles added to make it a super comfortable ride for the pups. We’re going to wrap the van with Ruff Start branding in the coming weeks, too, so keep an eye out when you’re driving – you may just see us!

Our new van’s maiden voyage takes off TODAY! Two volunteers hit the road earlier this morning from our Princeton, MN office, and will return bright and early this Saturday, October 10th along with 23 dogs from Houston, TX!

Some of you are probably wondering, why rescue from out-of-state? While we are committed to making a substantial contribution to positively impacting the lives of animals in need in Minnesota, many animals in southern states often face a more imminent threat. At this rate, every other animal that ends up in a shelter will lose their life. They do not have fosters, volunteers, or nearly as many rescues and help as we do here.

Because of this, Ruff Start Rescue maintains a “rescue knows no borders” philosophy. We will always do what we can to assist our fellow animal welfare advocates and the animals they so dutifully serve, no matter their location. We take in dogs of all shapes, sizes, ages, ailments, behaviors, and medical conditions.
RSR October 10th Transport Team
RSR October 10th Transport Team

So we invite you to “Ride Along” with us as we welcome 23 pups from Houston this Saturday. You’ll get to meet a number of cute pups, including Mario who was less than 2 hours away from being euthanized when Ruff Start Rescue stepped in and said YES to bringing him up north.

We’ll be posting real-time transport updates on our FacebookInstagram, and Blog, so be sure to follow us and “Ride Along” with Ruff Start!

October 8, 2020

Our volunteers are making progress! Several gas stops and quick power naps later, they made their way across the Texas border at around four this morning. The couple will stay overnight in a hotel this evening and load up all 23 furry pals tomorrow to make their way back to the north!

We hope you continue to “ride along” with Ruff Start for more updates coming soon!

Ruff Start’s transport volunteers are all checked into their hotel in Houston, TX, and ready to relax before their big day of rescue tomorrow! Tune in now until Saturday, October 10th, and “ride along” with Ruff Start to see how the remainder of this adventure goes!

Final preparations for tomorrow, happening now! Kennels are going up, and the excitement is building!  Friday and Saturday are big days for this transport, so make sure you continue to “ride along” with us and meet a few of the 23 brave souls and hear their stories.

Our volunteers, a husband and wife duo, are making sure they are taking the proper precautions by wearing their masks and social distancing when they can! It has been a bit of an adjustment, but we are happy to keep these transports rolling, even through a global pandemic!

October 9, 2020

Meet 1 of the 23 dogs getting a second chance.

Less than two hours from euthanasia.

That’s what makes this compact pup’s story so amazing. Mario, a former stray, immediately shut down in the animal shelter, not responding to anyone or anything. He was terrified, landing him on the euthanasia list because countless animals need help, and there’s not enough space or time for them all.

Once Ruff Start’s team was alerted to his possible fate, we asked for him to be dog tested (this means he was taken to an enclosed outdoor play yard with another dog). He did GREAT and became a completely different dog – wagging his tail, running around, and engaging in play. As soon as we saw his transformation outside of a kennel, we knew he deserved a chance at a long and happy life. Tune into Ruff Start’s Facebook page for a Livestream tomorrow morning around 8am to meet Mario and the other 22 pups!


Ruff Start Rescue is committed to doing whatever it takes to help animals just like Mario and we could use your help. Please consider making a donation today to help us say yes to saving even more animals. Together we’re able to do big things. There are 23 dogs on their way to Minnesota right now that proves that as a community, we can make a difference in the lives of companion animals.

The transport room is prepped and ready to care for the animals on this transport.

Transport room
Transport room
Transport room
Transport room

October 10, 2020

The animals and volunteers have arrived! Check out the videos we recorded of the experience.

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