What 12 Hours in Rescue Can Do

A popular place to abandon pets is at the dump. That’s where young puppies, Link, and Zelda, roamed and looked for scraps for several days. They needed to hide from predators and avoid dangerous objects in the dump at only 10 weeks old. It’s challenging to believe that there are people out there that equate puppies to trash. Thankfully, our rescue partner Lightshine Canine: A Rez Dog Rescue rescued Link and Zelda before it was too late.

Link and Zelda being rescued
Zelda drinking water
Link being pet

The hungry, tick, and flea-covered puppies hitched a ride to Minnesota, arriving around 9 pm. A Ruff Start Rescue foster family with three excited young girls ready to give them the love they deserve greeted the exhausted and malnourished pups upon arrival. After a bath, supper, and much-needed rest, this is what the puppies looked like 12 hours later.

Zelda laying in the grass
Link walking on the beach
Zelda playing with a ball
Link chewing a stick on the beach
Link and Zelda going on a walk
Link and Zelda playing in the forest

Link has an eye injury and likely needs his eye removed. Thanks to Ruff Start’s community of fosters, adopters, volunteers, and supporters, caring for these puppies is possible. In less than a day, rescue changed Link and Zelda’s lives forever. Now they are with their forever families. If you want to help puppies like Link and Zelda consider becoming a foster or donating to our animal care fund today!

Zelda holding hands with her new owners
Zelda playing with a Samoyed
Link cuddling a little girl

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