How Spike and Stella Saved a Life

When you rescue an animal, you change their life. They often return the favor with unconditional love and laughs. Some go beyond that. Here’s a story of how Ruff Start alums, Spike and Stella, saved their mom’s life.

Jayme adopted Ruff Start Rescue alums, Stella a Pomeranian, in 2011, and Spike an Italian Greyhound/Papillon in 2014. Spike thinks of himself as a human child. At his request, Jayme rocked him to sleep each night until he was one.

Spike and Jayme bonded immediately. Two years before adopting Spike, Jayme suffered horrible injuries from a car accident that left her incapacitated. Because of this, she has chronic pain.

Spike assigned jobs for everyone in the family, and unbeknownst to them, a job for himself.

On July 4th, 2017, Jayme’s husband and kids left for a family picnic in the morning. They believed that Jayme slept in from a surge in her chronic pain.

Spike refused to let them leave.

If you can’t tell, Spike isn’t a big dog. He’s even the quiet dog in the house only barking occasionally. This morning, Spike wouldn’t stop barking at them. With Spike’s behavior being so odd, Jayme’s husband asked him to “show me,” and Spike darted up the stairs waiting to see if they would follow. They did.

Spike flew into Jayme’s room, looking back to see if they were still following him. He jumped furiously at the bed. Jayme’s husband realized something was terribly wrong.

Stella hadn’t left Jayme’s side for 18+ hours.

They rushed Jayme to the hospital. She had gone into acute kidney failure.

“I wouldn’t have made it another hour had Spike not intervened.”

Spike knows a few commands but hasn’t had any formal training. Since that day, Spike has taken his “job” to new heights. He “monitors” Jayme for pain and treats her with extra snuggles. Spike also gives her kisses when the anxiety and PTSD are too much to handle.

What did we do to deserve dogs?

“For that, I will forever be grateful to all of Ruff Start for all that you do. The animals you rescue and find loving homes sometimes save us too.”

Spike and Jayme

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