Bittersweet Valentine

Miserable from unrelenting allergies, Val (Valentine), patiently endured test upon test to determine why her skin is so painfully itchy. Fosters, Ryan and Jennifer, took Val into their home in October 2019 after her former owner could no longer care for her. They prepared for managing Val’s allergies, except something more severe was happening.

At random, open and oozing sores covered Val’s entire body while her face swelled. These outbreaks puzzled the Ruff Start vetting staff, Val’s fosters, and veterinary consults. For months, they tried new anti-inflammatories, injections, and creams while eliminating any possible thing that could cause an allergic reaction. If anything helped, it was only temporary. The vet bills grew steeper and steeper.

Val continued to be her wiggly and happy self, but you could tell she was miserable as her body constantly trembled from the discomfort. The sweet Pitbull Terrier mix showed nothing but love to her foster family as they transcended expectations for her care.

“She’s still a happy dog, which makes it a lot easier to help her.”

Enough was enough. After a consultation with a dermatologist, Val received a particular blood test to determine if she had a possible immune system disease or lymphoma. We remained hopeful that we could cure her once and for all, then we heard the news.

In March 2020, Val received a positive result for B-Cell Lymphoma and given 6-12 months to live.

This news devastated all of us, especially Ryan and Jennifer, but there is a sense of relief finally knowing what’s causing her pain. They went from fosters looking to find Val a perfect home to fospice (foster hospice) fosters. They prepared themselves to be with her until the very end.

Val sitting on the porch
Val paw allergy
Val laying in her dog bed

Val is currently taking Prednisone and an oral chemotherapy drug. These help keep her in remission and her symptoms under control. If you feel compelled to support Val’s care, here are some breakdowns:

  • $400 covers her lymphoma diagnostic test
  • $100 covers six chemo treatments
  • $100 covers Cytopoint for her allergies
  • $50 covers her monthly medication
  • $25 covers bloodwork before each chemo treatment

We can give Val the care she needs thanks to your support! We are grateful for this opportunity to celebrate Val’s life and help her finally feel comfortable while she enjoys living in her foster home for the remainder of her days.

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